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Event live streaming is a very useful tool for your event. There is always those who wish to attend various thing and for some reason are not able to do so, whether that be a health-related issue, or transport related. If they are unable to come to you, Send it to them.

Portable reliable live streaming solutions.  This working dog sale was on farm. 

Streaming enables people to view your product when unable to attend in person potentially increasing sales, and providing a wider reach for your product. 

Secure Links sent to families, Parents, Grandparents etc who are unable to attend their little person's School Play, End of year Dance perfomance is catered for.

Secure links to your Childs Sporting events. As with Dancing lessons are not cheap. How many times do parents pay all year for their little person to play a sport and then miss the Grand Final Game? as well as having the game or event recorded and lovingly edited and produced for you to keep.

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