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Funeral Service Live Streaming

When a loved one passes, making funeral arrangements can be overwhelming, especially for those who live far away.

Funeral live streaming is an increasingly popular way to enable family and friends from anywhere in Australia – or the world – to attend a funeral in real time from their own homes.


Live video technology means that family members who are unable to attend in person can still be a part of the funeral service.

Many of us have family members and friends spread across the globe. This can make attending a funeral in person tricky, especially at short notice. Live streaming a funeral service means that people can pay their respects from anywhere in the world. Live streaming has also been increasingly popular since the pandemic as it means large gatherings are not necessary.

Your privacy and security is catered for with our secure links, meaning that only those you chose to view the live stream will be able to do so from the link that you provide them.

The link will cease once the service is completed. A recorded link will then be made available to the family in the days following, allowing those who had any issue on the day with attending the live stream due to availability etc to view in an area controlled by family.

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